In 1994, Dr. Steven Long and his wife Victoria Long came to Taiwan from the United States to invest in education. They started on school campuses, hoping to help young children develop self-confidence, self-discipline, and a sense of respect in themselves and the people around them with the “Champions Program”. The Champions Education Association has recruited volunteers who love young people to teach on middle school campuses. Through learning skills such as problem solving, emotions management, true love goalkeeper, forgiveness education, and other courses, these teenagers learn to establish their true value and belief about who they are, improve effectiveness in emotional management, and show enthusiasm about their lives. The program started with only two classes initially. Now more than 40% of the middle schools in Taiwan have implemented Champions’ curriculum every year.

To build young people’s character and to equip future leaders who are willing to serve.  Adolescents are at a critical stage of their character development. Like planting a seed, whether it grows up to be healthy or sickly, the crucial moment is right now!

The Champions Education Association recruits loving volunteers to teach the teenagers the right values, life skills, and a love for life. Influence real lives with real lives! Your support will be the force that will change the future of Taiwan through its young people.

The Champion slogan:

A champion is someone who has the courage to face challenges. 

Look up. Don’t be despaired. Don’t look down to play on your phone.

Every champion, look up!

“Problem Solving” Course

In a caring environment we aim to teach adolescents how to self-manage themselves, to improve their self-efficiency, to improve their ability to solve problems, and to inspire the teenagers to build character and seek solutions in a healthy and positive way. At the same time, we build their awareness to reject drug abuse temptation due to peer pressure. We facilitate the children’s steps to protect themselves, to overcome suicidal thoughts, and to enjoy their precious youthful years. This course is designed systematically, consisting of ten units, one unit per week for ten weeks.

Emotions Management” Course

This course is designed to equip our youngsters with some practical tools to be able to manage the turbulent years of youth. Through practice and encouragement, students will learn how to express their feelings more freely and adequately, and therefore to gain self-confidence in their interpersonal interactions. Ultimately it promotes a friendlier and better future for our schools and society as a whole. This course is designed systematically, consisting of ten units, one unit per week for ten weeks.

“True Love Goalkeeper” Course

This course is designed to be conducted through group advocacy, to cultivate young people’s deeper comprehension and knowledge of true love, understanding one’s own emotions, and developing healthy relationships between men and women. It also promotes awareness on how to protect themselves, thereby achieving mutual respect and gender equality, and helping to reduce inappropriate or even dangerous behaviors. Another goal is to increase the teenagers’ consciousness of the possible impact of premarital sex on their lives. By laying these foundations, the students will be given tools to build healthy and intimate relationships in their futures. This course is designed systematically, consisting of eight units, one unit per week for eight weeks.

“Forgiveness Education” Course

This course is designed to help young people learn how to overcome hurt caused by family and friends in a healthy and positive way. Through and real life inspirational stories, the adolescents gain relief from their emotional trauma and find freedom through forgiveness. It provides tools to protect each individual against harmful abuse and also to learn how to apologize for his or her own wrong doing in a genuine way. By doing so, young people learn to accept responsibilities for their behaviors and are empowered to make good choices. This course is designed systematically, consisting of eight units, one unit per week for eight weeks

“Financial Intelligence 4S” Course

Through interactive teaching and inverted thinking teaching methods, this course is designed to help students shape correct values and obtain knowledge of wealth management for the future.  This introductory course is developed based on the consumption patterns and financial needs of young people, so that they may have a correct perspective of the value of money, learn to make smart use of resources, and become good stewards of their financial resources.